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Robert Damora said:   March 6, 2017 7:51 pm PST
Approximately a year ago I picked up a 58cm Lotus America road bike that stored in a barn for 15 years, that seller said.I bought it for $65. Got it home, stripped it, cleaned it thoroughly, and converted it into my 'bad weather. single speed, bike.' The 27 - inch rear wheels where shot. Luckily, I had a 27 - inch front in my garage, so I went to my local LBS and had a new rear wheel built. GREAT BIKE!

Jerry Earnest said:   January 22, 2017 5:00 pm PST
Enjoyed your site! I'm into the springer and skip tooth Bikes or any thing with a tank, LOL . Hope you can use the literature I sent or pass along to someone into the older generation like me. I also love pedal cars and tricycles if you ever run into parts, thats my thing. Lately, I'm into 67-72 Chevrolet trucks, they fit my butt better !! Jerry

Phil Cone said:   August 19, 2016 4:41 pm PST
Hello I just picked up a beautiful barn find what believe is a 1986 Lotus legend. The bike could not have more than 100 miles on it. I cleaned it up greased it replaced the original irc tires and have been riding it. It rides like a dream, a real awesome barn find. How can I upload pictures for everyone to enjoy? The serial number is ycc1993 I got this number from the frame under the bottom bracket.

Paul Martin said:   June 28, 2016 7:44 am PST
Just ran across this site and thought I would share my past with lotus. My first Lotus was a 1983 Lotus Classique. Had Shimano 600 groupo as I recall. I then traded that in on a 1984 Lotus Supreme with Shimano Dura-Ace groupo. The owner of the bike shop at the time was a very good friend of mine and we rode many miles together with a good group of riders. When he went to the bike show for the upcoming 1986 year, he came back and told me about the new Supreme that was made by Chinelli and had all Campy Super Record groupo on it and the show bike was pink. The catalog for 1986 likewise showed this very pink bike which actually was the only pink Supreme made. The catalog clearly stated the bike came in one color only and that was blue. In fact, my friend the owner had one of those for himself when they became available. Long story short, he knew I would want this bike and arranged to buy it after the show circuit was finished. That very Supreme still sets in my basement today and is in excellent condition. I upgraded the stem to an R1 but other than that, it is completely original. I still have the original stem as well. I have the original sewup tires and wheels but I also have a set I built up for clinchers. I would love to upload pictures if that is possible for anyone that might want to see this marvelous bike.

Eric said:   May 22, 2016 2:28 pm PST
Just picked up a 1986 Challenger SX.

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