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Thomas Allain said:   April 15, 2016 5:21 pm PST
Thank you for this webpage. I am original owner of a Lotus Excelle, Y7N4274. Everything is original as far as I can remember. According to your chart it dates to 1987, which would fit with my memory. Was going to sell the bike at a local bike swap, but this bike should be owned by someone who appreciates it. I've moved on to other bikes, but I absolutely loved it for a lot of years.

Bart Hewitt said:   March 30, 2016 1:09 pm PST
I have a Lotus Legend I found in a junk shop, paid 5 (FIVE !!!) dollars for it.. Put on new tires, greased/oiled etc. Now rides like a champ! It's in excellent shape. Serial number is MHO1811. If you want to contact me, I prefer that you E-mail me at, as I have considerable difficulty negotiating the forum (I'm 80 years olde).

Joe Bieniecki said:   February 23, 2016 11:41 am PST
Thank you for this wonderful resource ! I was the proud owner of a 84 (as I learned here) Eclair. It was the first adult bicycle I ever owned and I bought it because a girl asked me to go on a bike camping trip : ) I have never looked back and am still touring some 30+ years later. All I have is a grainy scan of a photo of my bike leaning against the kitchen wall, thanks for letting me see it in all its glory .

Stan L. said:   November 24, 2015 4:35 pm PST
I'm the original owner of a red ,1980k first generation Lotus Competition, and I'm preparing to sell it.I believe that you have photos of it o your site, I'm the person who submitted those photos,and that's my bike, the one that I'm prepairing to sell. In the next week or two I'm going to list it on eBay. I'm not sure of it's value, but with a slight idea as to it's desirability, it seems to me that an auction venue is the est, and fairest way to offer it to the public, and collectors. My eBay name is Steamer*1, and I just wanted to let the "Lotus" world know that I'm prepairing to sell it. WHY sell? Geezzzz, I bought it 32 years ago when I was 30, to basically replace the Raleigh international, but by that time (age 30) I was off living life, and never really road the Lotus. I'm suspect that it may have 200 miles on it total. Any way, I know that it's a pretty cool bike (always was) and at 62, I think that I'd just like to "pass it on" to some one who will enjoy it. Why this time of year? I thought that it might make a nice Christmas gift for a Lotus enthusiast....If it sells, I'll miss it, but not because of the "ride", but ecause of the memories of why I ought it, why I kept it, and who I was those 32 years ago. So this is just a heads up to the Lotus Bike crowd, that I'm going to be putting my original (200 mile or less) first Generation Lotus comp on the market. Thanks. Respectfully Stan L.

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