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This link is for the first generation LOTUS catalog, probably Late 1980-1981-early 1982. If memory serves us correctly, this is the catalog we referenced when we ordered our Lotus Legend in Late 1980, from Bart Diener at Diener's Bike Shop on King Street in Pottstown, Pa.  Sadly, now a shop long gone. We believe the catalog was not printed with a model year, on purpose, this way the catalog could cover multiple years, or more than 12 months, without being reprinted.  Lotus was still a very new company and keeping the catalog open-ended was a wise decision. The bicycles shown in the catalog are not the earliest versions known to exist, yet some 1982-only models are not shown. We have sales literature from 1983 and all of the bikes made significant changes in 1983. Special thanks to Joe Bunik for posting the catalog.
1981-82 Lotus Bicycle Catalog  (opens in a new window)

Of course, wikipedia has some interesting Lotus information.  This is good a place to start if you are interested in the history of the company.  We have not yet addressed the history of Alpha Cycle as much as we would like and we feel there is no need to repeat what is already on wikipedia at this time. We truly hope to have a comprehensive company history section on the site, Sid and Ernst Star left an important lasting impression on the cycling community and we want to document that information.

Lotus said it best:

"There is nothing ordinary about a Lotus. Not our colors, not our performance, not our values. Because Lotus Bicycles are made by people who love bicycling for people who love bicycling."

wikipedia Lotus Bicycles  (opens in new window)

Bicycle components!

"The goal of is to provide a comprehensive database of vintage cycling knowledge for reference during everything from restorations to general maintenance to researching the cycling history through the equipment of the time."

We love this website.  It's an invaluable resource when researching original equipment Lotus components.  Want to know the difference between KKT Pro Vic II and Pro Ace pedals?  This site has that info and tons more.  (opens in new window)

Derailleurs? Wow, just wow, everything you ever possibly wanted to know about the derailleur can be found at  DISRAELI GEARS .  This website is an impressive amount of information about the lowly derailleur and it's evolution.  If you want to know how your derailleur rates, give this site a look.  Maybe we should have given Suntour more respect back in the day. 

DISRAELI GEARS  (opens in new window)

"An obsessive collection of Lotus bicycle information"   LOTUS BICYCLES is a tumblr blog by a fellow Lotus enthusiast with many photographs and commentary it's a fun and informative read and one of the few locations on the web to get your Lotus fix on.  (opens in new window)
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