Lotus Bicycles For Sale

If you have a vintage Lotus bicycle for sale and are willing to contribute some photos and information for the Serial # Project  send us a few quality photos and at our discretion we will post your bicycle for sale.

Photos and information can be sent here

($350.00): 1982 Lotus Aero Sport 58cm:

3-22-11, From the Pittsburgh craigslist is this 2nd owner Lotus Aero Sport.  This bike was purchased from the original owner in 1985 from Newport News, Virginia.  The bike has been stored for the last 10 years and even has the original tires, it was only ridden occasionally as the owner preferred riding his mountain bike.  Period correct Zefal HPX3 pump and the seat bag is included.
The Aero Sport is a lugged frame (the Super Pro Aero was fillet brazed). Both bikes were hand brazed by Tsunoda for Lotus from Tange Aero oval tubing. The Aero Pro is Shimano 600AX group equipped and all the components appear to be original, except for the period correct Avocet saddle, replacing the somewhat uncomfortable Kashimax Aero. The Araya 700 x 25C 1W rims still have the decals intact. 

Components dated on this bike are early 1981 and it has a low serial number, it could be one of the first Aero Sports Produced.

Unlike most common "aero" seat posts, this bicycle uses a completely oval seat tube, so the seat post is oval in it's entire length.  A very rare and unique part

We like how prominent the LOTUS logos appear on the seat and down tube, given that they aren't wrapped around a "round" tube, they seem larger.


(Sold): 1982 Lotus Aero Sport in rare "Oxide Green"

6-23-11, you can find more information about this bike on the Lotus Photos page

(Sold): Lotus Pro Series 3000R 54c

5-17-2011, A contribution of a photo missing from our model chart, this Lotus Pros Series 3000R is currently on the Kansas City craigslist for sale.  According to the owner this 3000R is sporting new tires, tubes, seat and is in great shape.  Price at the time of this writing is a very reasonable $125.00. 
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