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Important Update July 31, 2015

Complete sets of Black decals are SOLD OUT!

We still have blue sets and gold sets of decals available.  Black and gold Lotus flower decals are still available and some individual black decals  are available.  The downtube LOTUS decals in black are completely sold out so we can no longer sell complete sets in black. Please write for price and availability if you would like to order individual black Lotus decals or a partial or a mix and match set.  

We may reprint the black decal sets and the blue and gold lotus flowers depending on demand.  Please write with your demands. 

Our inventory is running very low on many colors and models for the first-generation bicycle decals.  Many models have only one or two sets left. If you have been postponing your order, we'd advise ordering now to avoid any delays during reprinting and the inevitable price increase.  Kept cool and dry, our decals will last for many years before application. 

Introducing our first series of restoration decals for your first-generation 1980-1982 Lotus America, Grand Prix, Excelle, Unique, Eclair, Classique, Legend, and Odyssey.

Standard Frame Sets start at only $19.95 (as shown in top photo below)
Pair of Seat Tube Decals are $13.95, or $9.95 when purchased with any Frame Set

Coming Soon: 1983-1984 Lotus Frame Set decals.
7-Decal Set for 1980-82 Lotus
Seat Tube Decal Pairs in Red, Blue and Black
Seat Tube Decals before and after
We are thrilled to offer these beautiful top-quality, professionally printed, authentic restoration decals for your vintage LOTUS bicycle.  

Our Frame Set Decals are the highest quality ink-transfer decals available and are the same type and quality used on many vintage and new bicycles. We've improved upon the obsolete water-slide decal used in the 1980's with a modern dry-transfer decal, screen printed in the vintage style. These decals are virtually indistinguishable from the originals, the artwork was generated from rare new old stock (NOS) decal sheets.

Our Seat Tube Decals are based on vintage Lotus designs. The artwork for 1980-82 Lotus seat tube decals varied slightly over the years, we chose what we feel is the nicest of the designs and reproduced them on high quality Mylar-type materials.  The decals have a clear shiny film to protect the printing, just like the originals. These decals are peel-and-stick and are weather resistant. Black, Blue, and Red, all with gold flowers, are currently available.

Yes, all of the original seat tube decals were printed with the small lotus flowers, it's just that they faded so badly you probably can't see them on your bike anymore. 

Both seat tubes in the photo-merge shown on the right are the same 1981 Lotus Classique, a restoration in progress. The current owner opted for the Two-Color Decal upgrade and our Seat Tube Decals. We think it looks beautiful!

Installation instructions for the Frame Set Decals can be found here.

The Standard Frame Sets come in the three original Lotus colors, Black, Blue, and Gold.  We have a color chart here, if you'd like to see the original color combinations.

The 7 Decal Standard Frame Set (as shown in the photo at the top of the page) is for bikes that have a riveted metal head tube badge installed and includes;

2 LOTUS font down tube decals
2 script Model Name decals for the top tube
2 small LOTUS emblem flower decals for the fork blades
1 large LOTUS emblem flower decal for the seat tube
Plus a bonus custom mini LOTUS font decal, for practice, use on pumps, stems, accessories or as you choose.

The 8 Decal Standard Frame Set is for bikes that do not have a head tube badge installed and is the same exact set as the 7 Decal Standard Frame Set but includes an additional large LOTUS emblem flower decal for the head tube.

Our decals are available in two formulations.  The Standard Decal is for top-mounting on existing paint and is designed to replace your original decals. 

The Extra-Thin decal is designed for those who are repainting their bicycles and will be adding a clear coat over the decals. You may use the Extra-Thin decals on your bike without clear coating them, but they will need to be waxed to protect them.  The Extra-Thin decals are still better than the original water-slide decals that Lotus used, but they are not quite as durable (without being clear coated or waxed) as the Standard Decal we are offering.

The Standard Decals are already super-thin and are barely perceptible when you run your finger over them. They are also soft to the touch and have no sharp edge like you would find on a cut vinyl or homemade decal. The Extra-Thin decals use different formulations of paint and adhesive to make them even thinner for use under a clearcoat.
Two-Color LOTUS Emblem Decals

Some Lotus models came with two-color LOTUS emblem flowers in black and gold, or blue and gold. 

Our Two-Color Sets include all the decals as the above 7 and 8 decal sets, but the LOTUS emblem flowers are two colors instead of the single color. The two color decals were more costly to print so the sets are slightly higher in price.

Supplies are limited.  We have an average of five sets of decals for each Lotus model in each color. Meaning, if you want decals for your Classique in Blue, we have five sets or less available.  When they are gone it may be some time until we need enough replacement quantity to print the decals again.

If you have any questions about our decals we'd be glad to help!  Just drop us a line here. We're working on adding more information and photos to this page.

The decals are very shiny and difficult to photograph, they look much nicer in person.
The low resolution photos do not do them justice. These decals are like jewelry for your bike and are crisp and clear, the photos make them look blurry, but the real decals are perfect!

All decals are shipped for free! The Cart button below will take you to a secure PayPal checkout.

3-10-11: 2-color Blue and Gold Lotus flowers are SOLD OUT, we still have some Black and Gold as shown in the photo above.

7-31-2015  Black lotus decals are unavailable as a complete set, the black LOTUS downtube decals are completely SOLD OUT.  we can sell individual black decals or mixed color sets, please write for price and availability.  The black decal sets are still on the order list, but if you order them I'll have to send you a note and refund your payment.
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