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These photos are all reader submissions, if you'd like to submit photos of your vintage Lotus please send them to , we'd love to see them.  We edit and crop most images before publication, so there is no need to do that yourself if you don't care to.  We prefer larger files over smaller files. Photos 800 x 600 and larger work best.

If you want to send us 4 to 12 photos of your Lotus, we may make it a Featured Bicycle!   

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So, what is even more cool than finding a vintage Lotus Aero Sport?  

Finding a vintage Lotus Aero Sport in the rare Oxide Green!!  This one-owner Aero Sport was purchased by Don Strunk in 1983 in Cleveland, Ohio.  It's obvious by it's condition that it has been stored indoors and well maintained. The seat is a vintage Turbo Bernard Hinault and the Shimano 600 AX components are all original.  We've observed Shimano Dura Ace AX front derailleurs on some Aero Sport models and this is one of those bikes.  The Lotus Aero Sport is definitely one of the most unique and interesting bicycles in the Lotus fleet and we're thrilled to finally have photos of one in Oxide Green, we were starting to wonder if the color even existed on that bike.  Thanks for the photos Don.

This bicycle is currrently for sale as of 6-23-11 on the New Orleans craigslist, you can see the advertisement here or read more about the model on our Aero Sport page.

 Later style first generation Lotus Classique.

If you like all-original bicycles you won't find one much nicer than this late first-generation Lotus Classique, approximately late 1981 or even 1982.  We know it's a later-style Classique given the distinctive Shimano 600 EX alloy headset, the earlier Classique models from 1980 and early 1981 used a Tange chrome steel headset. The early Lotus Legend models used the nicer 600 EX alloy headset which eventually trickled down onto the later Classique models. This type of component improvement is a common practice with many Lotus bicycles and can be a definite aid when dating the bikes. The Classique could easily be mistaken for a Legend if it weren't for the flat fork crown, painted stays and Top Run pedals.

Also worth noting are the original reflectors, cloth bar tape, gum brake hoods, Kashimax saddle, grey brake cable housings, and KKT Top Run pedals, all stock components that were frequently changed .  . . Wow.

These photos were contributed by Bob M.

 1981 Lotus Super ProThis beautiful one-owner 1981 Lotus Super Pro was submitted by Lesley P. from New York.  Except for the period correct Avocet Racing II saddle and Cinelli handlebar the bicycle is original and in virtually unridden condition. Note the correct early style blue-ish Shimano brake hoods, Araya tubular rims, and Shimano aero water bottle.  This bike is so nice we've uploaded a 3000 x 2000 pixel image for your enjoyment, click on the photo to enlarge in a new window.

Lesley P. is contemplating selling this bicycle in the near future, price as yet undetermined.  If you may be interested, please send us an email and we will forward your information to Lesley.
This circa 1986 Lotus legend was submitted by Michael B. from Kyoto, Japan. We don't know if Lotus was marketed in Japan or other countries, or where this bicycle has traveled, but we bet it's an interesting story.  Michael tells us that he custom built the Legend from a bare frame. We're assuming it's an 86 model as the serial number prefix is not even close to the known 87 model we have on our Serial # Chart.  Also, the bicycle does not have any Triathlon Series decals which would point to an 87 model.  This method of dating may not apply if the bicycle was built for the Japanese market. Click on any small image to enlarge in the main window.

1980 style Lotus Classique in Ivory

This "Ivory" 1980 Lotus Classique was sent to us via Josh L. for his friend, who are both currently in Afghanistan. This early first-generation bicycle has all of the identifying features of a circa 1980 Classique. Although the saddle and foam grips are replacements, the bicycle looks very original. Through the magic of enhancement we even think the front tire is an original IRC Roadlite. Note the reflectors on the pedals are still intact, they were nutted to the pedals and many were removed or damaged very early in the life of the bicycle. 

Other features that identify the 1980 style Classique are the plain red Cro.Mo. tubing decal on the seat tube, later style bikes used Tange Champion Tubing with it's distinctive foil decal.  Also, the headset is chrome steel, later Classiques were upgraded to the Shimano 600 EX alloy headsets. Although still largely intact on this bicycle, if you look closely you can see the blue seat tube decals are self destructing.  The later-style Mylar-type decals do not chip like the fragile water-slide decals in the photo.

An interesting accessory on this bike from back in the day is the Rhode Gear Flick-Stand attached to the down tube.  This device flipped down into a locked position against the front tire locking the tire and steering allowing the bicycle to be leaned against something without falling over.

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