Aero Sport

Tange Aero Tubing and DecalIntroduced as a compliment to the popular Lotus Super Pro, the Lotus Aero Sport utilizes Tange Aero Dynamics CR-MO D.P.G. tubing, similar to the Super Pro, but features a fully lugged frame instead of the fillet brazing found on the Super Pro.

D.P.G. stands for Double Plain Guage, meaning the sides of the tubing have thicker walls than the curved top and bottom sections.

We believe the Tange Aero Tubing was available before the special lugs had been designed to accomodate the oval shape, this is why many early frame manufacturers using the Aero tubing opted for the more expensive and time consuming fillet brazing process.  Using lugs simplified the brazing process and allowed the frame to be manufactured less expensively.

The CR-MO D.P.G. tubing was probably less expensive to produce than the CR-MO Butted tubing used on the Super Pro. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the Aero Sport cost approximately $800.00 while the Super Pro was $1200.00, offering a great value for a quality aero bicycle.
The Aero Sport used the Shimano 600 AX group of components, very high quality yet less expensive than the Shimano Dura Ace AX group found on the Super Pro. The Super Pro also came equipped with tubular rims and tires, the Aero Sport rode on clincher tires and Araya 700 x 25c Aero clincher rims.

The Aero Sport was only available in two colors, the first models were all "Silver Champagne" and later Lotus added "Oxide Green" as shown on the bicycle below. Both models were originally equipped with "champagne color" Kashimax Aero saddles.

More photos of the Aero Sport can be found in our Lotus Photos and Lotus For Sale pages.


Lotus Aero Sport in Silver Champagne

1982-1983 Lotus Aero Sport
Frame Details Aerodynamic oval tubes w/ lugged frame, top tube cable guides, bottom bracket cable guides, brazed on water bottle bosses, brazed on shifter boss, Suntour forged rear drop outs with adjusting screws, some models braze on front derailleur boss.
Frame Tubing Tange Champion DB Cro-mo, Oval Tubes. Headset Shimano 600 AX or Tange Aero
Fork Tange Champion DB Cro-mo, Aerodynamic Full-Sloping Flush-Fit Crown  Handlebar Nitto Aero w/ Benotto Tape
Colors Silver Champagne and Oxide Green Stem Shimano 600 AX
Frame Sizes 50-64 cm Brakes Shimano 600 AX Para-Pull
Crank Shimano 600 AX DD 42-52 Seatpost Shimano 600 AX Oval
Pedals Shimano 600 AX DD, Shimano Clips and Blue Woven Nylon Straps Saddle Kashimax Aero Pro, Champagne w/ Blue Lettering
Shift Levers Shimano 600 AX Rims Araya 700 x 25c Aero Clincher
Front Derailleur Shimano 600 AX or
Shimano Dura Ace AX braze on
Hubs Shimano 600 AX
Rear Derailleur Shimano 600 AX Spokes
Freewheel Shimano Uniglide Black Tires IRC 700 x 25c Roadlite 90 psi
Chain Shimano Uniglide Gold/Black Weight 23.25 lbs. for 21"
Notes Shimano Aerodynamic Water Bottle Assy.
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